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Principal's Message
As the school year begins to wind down, we take a moment to reflect on the great adventures we have enjoyed. The students of Tabiona are amazing.
This year we received word that our school was ranked as an A school in the elementary. This is a great accomplishments and demonstrates the dedication of both teachers and Students.
It is so fun to see the students learn and grow on a daily basis whether its reading with the Kindergartners or helping a high school student with math. Tabiona school has amazing students and staff.
As we prepare for end of level testing this year we would encourage parents and students to take it serious and help continue to grow. These tests are important for our teachers as they design curriculum for the next year and help them see their strengths and weaknesses.
We appreciate our school community and the support we get.
Thank you,
Mr. Jenkins
Tabiona School Mission and Beliefs
Mission Statement

Tabiona School will provide a safe, supportive, learning environment with opportunities for each student to develop the skills and knowledge to become a responsible, successful citizen. Every student can learn and will be College and Career Ready. We accomplish this through an active partnership of the home, school, and community.

We believe:
• All people have worth and deserve to be treated with respect
• The family is the foundation of society
• Support from our community family is essential for effective education
• Every person is unique and deserves the opportunity to achieve at his/her greatest potential
• Each individual has responsibility for his/her actions and the resulting consequences
• Diversity strengthens individuals and the community
• Learning is an essential lifelong process
• The needs of children come first
• Education empowers the individual

Tabiona School Administration
Principal - Darin Jenkins
email -
Phone - 435-738-1320

Secretary - Idawna Defa
email -
Phone - 435-738-1320

Councilor - Mike Wagner
email -
Phone - 435-738-1339
FAX NUMBER: 435-738-1333
Tabiona, UT