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Senior Year Timeline
• Review senior schedule - make sure you have good solid classes as this is a new item that colleges are looking at for entrance requirements
• Review senior schedule and graduation credits with counselor
• Start earning college credit through early entry, tech prep, Concurrent Enrollment and other off campus programs. See Counseling Office for information.
• Register for October Act test by September 16 (late registration until Sept. 30)
• Listen throughout the year to all announcements for information relating to seniors.
• Attend Post High School Day. College representatives will supply valuable information about their schools.
• Take or re-take the ACT/SAT, depending on college entrance requirements.
• Pick up applications for scholarships and college admission. Most schools now prefer that you apply on-line.
• Students who are interested should obtain information on specific college departmental scholarships. You must contact the college directly (contact information can be found on the college website).
• Check regularly with Mr. Wagner or Mrs. Wagner.
• Teachers and counselors must be given a minimum of TWO WEEKS preparation time to complete letters of recommendation, and you should always provide a resume of your accomplishments to the teacher or counselor. Please plan accordingly!
• Check the Counseling Center for the latest postings, and the counseling resource room.
• Apply for college housing.
• Register for December ACT/SAT
• If applying for a scholarship at a university, it is suggested you include your resume of accomplishments with the application.
• Take or re-take the ACT/SAT test – this is the last possible test that scores will be considered for scholarships.
• Get a head start on applications for admissions whenever possible. Deadlines are just around the corner!
• Obtain from the Counseling Office the FAFSA information booklet. The application must be filed online as soon as possible, by a parent, at
• Continue to check the Scholarship Bulletin Board for the latest scholarship information.
• Scholarship deadlines for most Utah colleges.
• Males who are 18 years old must prove draft registration in order to receive financial aid.
• Register for AP exams
• Check the Scholarship Bulletin Board for information on local scholarships.
• Plan to visit the college campus of your choice if possible.
• Watch for information from the Senior Class Officers regarding all senior activities. This letter has important details regarding graduation, graduation orientation, etc.
• Clear all fees or fines in the office.
• Make certain that you have officially accepted the scholarship and/or financial aid award from the college you decide to attend and decline all others so that those funds can be made available to other students. (NOTE: This final decision on declining can occur as late as July 1)
• Notify the Counseling Office of all scholarship offers you have received (not just those you have accepted). This is so that you may be included in the Scholarship Awards Program.
• Watch and listen carefully to all announcements regarding graduation details.
• Request final transcripts
College and Career Information

Each year the Counseling Department schedule meetings with parents and students to discuss the students progress and future plans. The junior high will meet in a group setting for Orientation to high school. The Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores and Freshmen have an individual meeting scheduled. This short 15 - 20 minute meeting helps parents, students and counselors to keep track of a students progress towards graduation, to help determine any deficiencies in graduation requirements and to plan for the continued educational needs of each student. In addition, students may talk about future career choices, post educational opportunities, current and future goals or other opportunities students have available to them through the school.

Please plan on attending these meetings. The information covered in these meetings helps keep your son/daughter on track for graduation and to prepare for continued education in the future.
Junior High School Graduation Requirements
Students in grades 7-8 shall earn a minimum of 12 units of credit to be properly prepared for instruction in grades 9-12.
2.0 Language Arts

2.0 Mathematics

1.5 Science

1.5 Social Studies

1.0 Art

1.0 Physical Education
.5 Health Education

1.0 Career and Technical Education, Life, and Careers

1.5 Elective Credit