Tabiona School Administration

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Tabiona School Mission and Beliefs

Mission Statement

Tabiona School will provide a safe, supportive, learning environment with opportunities for each student to develop the skills and knowledge to become a responsible, successful citizen. Every student can learn and will be College and Career Ready. We accomplish this through an active partnership of the home, school, and community.

We believe: • All people have worth and deserve to be treated with respect • The family is the foundation of society • Support from our community family is essential for effective education • Every person is unique and deserves the opportunity to achieve at his/her greatest potential • Each individual has responsibility for his/her actions and the resulting consequences • Diversity strengthens individuals and the community • Learning is an essential lifelong process • The needs of children come first • Education empowers the individual

Principals Message

Dear Friends of the Tabiona Community,

As we begin a new year and take a moment to reflect on the events that have gone before us, it is often easy to focus on the trials and hardships we have endured. Today, I would like to focus on our success and the joys we have felt during this past year.

As we experienced the journey of the Covid-19 Pandemic we have been blessed to not shut the school down and maintain minimal illness during the past two years. Our community stepped up and helped us maintain the health of our students by taking appropriate precautions and following the guidelines of the Tri-County Health Dept.

During this time when most schools were experiencing major drops in end-of-level testing a lot of our students stepped up to the plate and made growths that were unprecedented. Although there were a few that had dropped our teachers have worked hard this year to help get every student close to grade level.

Our teaching staff has really stepped up and taken it upon themselves to find a way to educate all students. When a student or teacher is sick they have found the use of technology as a friend so that the learning process of the students can still take place.

We have listened to our students and created a little extra time during the school day to take advantage of Advocacy time. This time can be used for students to work on homework, talk to a trusted teacher or staff member, or just have time to meditate and work on their mental well-being. We all have stressful times in our lives and need a little time to relax and unwind.

Our sports teams have done exceptional in the fall with the baseball team finishing 4th in the state of Utah and our Volleyball team finishing 7th. The students have worked so hard to be proficient at everything they do and have really developed that "Don't Quit" mentality.

We are proud of all of our students and grateful for all parents, guardians, grandparents, and patrons of Tabiona School. It is through a collective partnership that we are successful and enjoy the time we get to spend with each other celebrating our students.

Darin Jenkins Tabiona School Principal


FAX NUMBER: 435-738-1333

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Student Accident and Sickness Insurance

The safety of our students is of critical importance to all of us and we want to protect them from injury. Even so, accidents do happen (at school and elsewhere) and required medical care can be expensive. Please know that your school ***does not ***assume responsibility for such costs but does offer you access to several student accident insurance plans for voluntary purchase. Details can be found at this site:

Options are available to cover your child 24/7, anywhere in the world or you can limit coverage to school-related injuries only. The plansdo notrestrict your choice of doctors or hospitals. However, you’ll also have access to an extensive network of providers with discounted fees. Seeking care through contracted providers may further reduce your out-of-pocket costs, particularly if your child needs surgery or hospitalization.

Also offered is the pay-as-you-go*** Student Accident & SicknessPlan**whichcovers sicknessas well as injury, in and out of school. TheDental Accident*plan can be of particular value with younger students as final treatment to injured teeth often needs to be deferred until after they mature.

Common emergency benefits– Regardless of the benefit level selected, all of the accident medical plans and theStudent Accident &Sickness Planwill cover eligible charges forAmbulance, Emergency Room and Emergency Room Physicianat 100% of Usual, Customary and Reasonable charges (UCR) up to plan limits.

Enhanced benefits for qualified concussions– If an insured student suffers a concussion while participating in any covered activity and is consequently removed from play from his/her interscholastic sport per the school’s formal concussion protocols, then any deductible or inside limit features of the plan are waived and eligible charges for the evaluation and treatment of the concussion are paid at 100% of UCR subject to remaining policy terms and conditions.

Interscholastic Sports– Please know that all plans offered (other than the Dental Accident Plan) may be used to comply with applicable state and local insurance requirements for participation in interscholastic sports (coverage for tackle football is offered on a stand-alone basis).

COVID-19– After schools were physically closed in March of 2020, the administrator of this program - Myers-Stevens & Toohey (MST) worked with the underwriting insurance company to make several adjustments to the insurance program. In brief, they included: 1) qualified extension of coverage to distance learning at home; 2) qualified coverage for COVID-19 testing costs; 3) the addition of Telemedicine as a covered service; 4) qualified extension of coverage for school activities pushed beyond the last day of instruction; 5) related extension of coverage to graduated students participating in such postponed activities and 6) modified claims forms and procedures. Details can be found on the MSTwebsite** At this time, these adjustments continue to apply to the 2021-2022 School Year insurance program. .As matters concerning COVID continue to evolve, updates will be posted on the MST website

You are strongly encouraged to carefully review the information provided. If your child already has health coverage, the student insurance plans offered can also be used to expand choice of providers and help cover the high deductibles and 30% to 40% cost sharing obligations imposed by many health plans today.

To enroll, please follow the instructions at this site ( Enrollment is also available by going While your child is eligible to enroll at any time, one-time-pay rates for the accident medical plans and Dental Accident Plan are the same regardless of enrollment date. As such, you are encouraged to consider enrollment now in order to include coverage for this summer and the full 2021-2022 School Year. Once processing is completed, an ID card verifying coverage will be mailed home to you.

If you have any questions concerning the coverages available, COVID 19 adjustments or need help with enrollment, please call Myers-Stevens & Toohey at (800) 827-4695. Bilingual representatives are available for parents who need assistance in Spanish.