March Madness was truly that as the Tabiona High drama team had 3 weeks to put together an award winning play. This year's production was called "Summer of Kaos", a comedy by Stephen Murray. With a cast of 41 (more than 80% of the high school enrollment) it proved to be chaos at times when fitting that many bodies on our small stage, but we made the best of it. Most of these students attended track and golf practices before coming to drama rehearsal where they had many late nights. A big thank you to so many who brought food and snacks so they could keep pushing through when they were exhausted.

The highlight is always the Community performance! The actors seem to feed off of the audience's laughter and delve into character. Tucker Sorenson, a crowd favorite, was even able to make an audio cameo from his hospital bed. We are grateful for the generosity and support from everyone as we had one of the largest crowds to date.

Region was held in Altamont where the one-act play received 1st place. Best Actor went to Morgan Curry, Best Actress to Kamilah Webb, Supporting Actor to Logan Rhoades and Supporting Actress to Shyanne Jensen. Many other students participated in individual events, including dramatic and humorous monologues, classical and contemporary scenes, pantomime, and musical theatre. Numerous students received awards, which helped Tabiona to win the region tournament over Altamont and Tintic.

Later that week, the state drama tournament was held in Kanab. With eight schools participating, Tabiona earned 3rd place and the Best Ensemble award in the one act. Several students earned state awards as well. Elizabeth Turnbow took first place in Musical Theatre, Lainey Giles and Joy Gines received second place in pantomime, and Kamilah Webb placed third in humorous monologue. In addition, many students garnered Superior medals for their performances.

Over all, at state, Tabiona placed second, a difficult feat among many talented schools. Thank you to all of the students who helped have such an enjoyable drama season! We also appreciate the time our coaches, Mike Wagner and Luci Van Tassell, have dedicated to make this program a success.

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